Who is the Onemanband





Equipment provided:

I can supply a complete sound system including the following: microphones, CD & cassette readers for crowds of more than 500 people as well as lighting for a small stage



Entertainment offered:

The Onemanband can produce himself on stage; within the crowd; in a street show; as welcoming animation or walking animation.These are just a few ideas to help plan your reception, family or corporate party. From 10 to 6

30 minutes or scattered throughout the day, we are very flexible to help you organise your event. Perfect to help break the ice and to warm up the crowd at the beginning and/or to entertain during the intermission while the room setup gets changed. He is completely autonomous with his wireless tie-microphone to circulate freely within the room.


Gabriel Terrault alias The OneManBand
Tél.(450) 569-8403