The One Man Band

Scouring the Province of Quebec for the past 35 years!

He has toured Europe, Louisiana, Florida and the Maritimes.

He plays dixieland, folk, country, blues, rock & roll.....traditional music types that everyone can relate to. An excellent choice for your family programming.

Maison de la culture, Rivière du Loup Qc. Juillet 06

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summer 2014

The group of musical and percussion instrumentation are tied together with the help of belts and attachments that require smart physical and mechanical coordination and dexterity.



Who is the Onemanband


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His reflexes are surprising in his harmonical synchronism!


Each hand and each foot as well as his mouth are attached to as many as 22 musical instruments:

Banjo, 2 recorder flutes, Harmonicas, Kazoo,
Bassdrum, Banjodrum,
Hi-Hat Cymbals, Crash cymbal,
Bike horns, Rattle, Desk bells, Ankle bells, Siren whistle,
Police whistle, Scout whistle, Tambourines, etc. All of the above played simultaneously!


He also plays the accordeon and and...and....etc...and he utilises the unicycle while assuring crowd participation throughout his "clowning" act.

Gabriel Terrault Tél: 450 569-8403